We make your everyday work easier!

If you work as a business advisor, ansvarsfullt.se can provide you with support in your everyday work and in your dialogue with your clients.

Our tool provides your clients with a possibility to develop and document their sustainability work based on the three key areas of quality, environment and social responsibility. With the company’s sustainability report as supporting documentation, you can enter into a joint dialogue with your client about their current status and future plans and ambitions.

As a business advisor, our tool provides you with insight into the company’s level of maturity in relation to sustainability work, as a complement to other financial and economic information. A secure approach for all parties!

With ansvarsfullt.se you can place the spotlight on long-term sustainability measures and inspire your clients to run their businesses in a responsible manner.

Below are some sample reports for a fictitious company that can be downloaded for information purposes.

The Reports


Sustainability Report

A complete report that shows the status of your company based on all aspects of sustainability.


Quality, Environment and Social Responsibility

These reports are divided up into the key areas of Quality, Environment and Social Responsibility, and highlight your company’s sustainability work within each area.


Development Report

This report illustrates your company’s development over time and shows the overall status of your company within each area.

Hållbarhets, kvalitets, miljö och CSR-rapport