Corporate Social Responsibility

Making a difference!

CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, basically means that companies of all sizes can and should contribute to working towards a better society and a cleaner environment. Working with CSR means taking all aspects into consideration: financial, environmental and social issues as well as labor issues, human rights, environmental policies and corruption

Working with CSR to increase competition and profitability

More and more companies find business advantages with a strong and active social responsibility. It increases your company’s brand and hence can attract new customers as well as attract and motivate your own employees. As a result, your company’s efficiency increases, and you can save money.

Tips on how to get started

Begin here and now!

  • Consider your company’s resources and prerequisites and where you can contribute the most. Do not take on too much work in the beginning of your CSR journey.
  • Evaluate your chain of product development. What does the product chain look like? Is there a risk of child labor and negative impact on the environment?
  • Is your production abroad? Co-operate with other companies in the same line of business or find a partner who well knows the production conditions of the country.
  • Ask questions about on how your products are produced. Questions that cannot be answered with a yes or no are preferable. Example: How are the products made? How do you secure that no child labor or dangerous chemicals are used? And if possible – visit the factories and inspect the production.
  • This is what I want to take responsible for! Here is where I want to begin. Create an idea on where you want to begin and a goal of you want to achieve. Make long-term goals for your CSR work with specific milestones. And be proud of what you achieve to gain respect and appreciation from your society. But be realistic and do not promise too much.

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