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How do I get my reports?

When logged in you will see a menu option called Reports. Here you can create all the different reports – once you have answered all your questions. 

How do you reports connect to the SDGs?

Our questions are matched against the UN Global Goals. On every question related to one or more goals you will see an icon of that/those goals. If you answer is high enough the icon will be lit, showing that you are having a positive impact towards the global goals.

You can also generate a report on how well you as a company work towards all the global goals.

Can you work in different languages?

Yes, today the platform support English and Swedish, but we are constantly evaluating adding more languages. It doesn’t matter which language you work in, you can still always generate your reports in the desired language, or in multiple languages.

Are there many different reports available?

There are different reports to choose from. The sustainability report are sorted by our 7 areas. You can also generate reports based on the ISO standards, divided on Quality, Environmental and Social responsibility. There’s also a report on the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals.

Can we see and measure our development?

Yes, three months after you generated you last report you can genererat a Sustainable Development Report, if you have done any changes on your answers. This report can be generated  to show changes med over 3, 6, 12 and 24 months time.

How do I answer the questions?

You answer a question by pulling a marker on a slider going från 0-100%, where you can see four alternatives on the scale. It’s easy to understand and on most questions there are descriptions on both the question and the alternative answers.

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"If you haven't started thinking of how your company can contribute to the national sustainability goals you won't have any customers in the future"

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