Why ansvarsfullt.se?


We lower the threshold and make things easier

Forget everything you might have heard about quality work being complicated, expensive and time-consuming! At ansvarsfullt.se we help your company to become better within the key areas of quality, environment and social responsibility. Our tool facilitates the process and enables you to increase your profitability from day one!

Small businesses need simple tools and methods

Only a very small percentage of companies in the world are ISO-certified. Does that mean that the majority of companies aren’t interested in quality, environment and CSR?! Of course not – we know that they are!

A number of reports from industry organisations and public authorities have examined the relationship of small businesses to issues concerning quality, environment and social responsibility, and the results are unanimous: these companies want to work with such issues but lack the appropriate tools to do so.

Making a real difference

At ansvarsfullt.se we make a real difference for small businesses by providing a tool and method that is:

  • Cost-effective
  • Simple – a low threshold
  • Cloud-based and adapted for mobile devices
  • Clear and unambiguous – focused, effective and concrete
  • Inspirational – our tool initiates a development process and creates self-reflection
  • Self-regulating
  • Transparent
  • Connected to the Responsible Company certification symbol




If you…

  • want to be better within the areas of quality, environment, work environment and social sustainability, but think that it is complicated, bureaucratic and expensive to work with traditional certification
  • want to have a document that shows how you and your company work with these issues in an active and practical manner
  • want to have a recognised symbol that shows that you and your company are transparent, and clearly indicates where you stand at present
  • don’t feel that your company is currently ready for a traditional certification process

You get…

  • an official document that shows how you work actively within the areas of quality, environment, work environment and social sustainability
  • a recognised symbol that you can use on your website, on your vehicles, on your workwear and in your advertising, etc.



ISO, FR2000, etc.


If you…

  • want to systematise your work within the areas of quality, environment, work environment and social sustainability, in accordance with applicable international standards, and feel that this is the next step you want to take on your journey aimed at achieving your ambition of becoming complete within each area
  • feel that you must have a certificate that you can use as supporting documentation for procurement processes that require an external audit
  • feel that your company has the right level of understanding and the time and money necessary to perform and complete a certification process
  • want to receive external help with your certification work

You get…

  • a certificate after you have been audited and approved by an external certification company



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