Work environment policy


Are you in need of ideas for your work environment policy?

Firstly, it could be good to know that new provisions regarding the organisational and social work environment (AFS 2015:4) were introduced in Sweden on 31 March 2016. These new provisions aim to counteract mental ill-health, stress, threats and violence at the workplace.

Secondly, a work environment policy is part of a company’s systematic work environment measures. The policy should establish guidelines for what the working conditions at a workplace should look like for all employees, in relation to both mental and physical health.


Here is some practical advice about your work environment policy:

The policy should…

  • be used by everyone in the company
  • form the basis for the setting of concrete targets regarding the work environment
  • address safety and security at the company
  • describe the responsibility of employees to contribute to the creation and maintenance of a good work environment

If you think that work environment issues are important, it should almost be a “must” to check out the information at, a website that makes it easier for small businesses to be better at their work within the areas of quality, environment and social responsibility. It is a website that can provide you with much useful input and inspiration for your work environment policy.

The following is a useful basic template

Work environment policy for **Company X**

Start with a brief description of the company’s primary business activities.

You can then use the following text if you feel that it is appropriate for your company:

We have not identified any major work environment risks, and we are compliant with the requirements imposed on our business in applicable laws and regulations.

The work environment at **Company X** shall protect our employees against ill-health, accidents, threats and violence, and the work environment shall be of a good standard in relation to the work we perform.

We shall strive to create and maintain a work environment of such standard that all our employees enjoy being at the workplace and are able to develop in their work. It shall also be an environment that minimises risks. It is therefore important to ensure that all employees have the possibility to influence their own work situation. For us, a good and enjoyable work environment is a pre-requisite for our ability to be competitive in relation to our customers as well as the new and talented employees we want to recruit in the future.

It is our managers and supervisors who bear the responsibility for issues relating to the work environment and the external environment. As part of that responsibility, our managers and supervisors shall utilise their authority and powers to create as good a work environment and external environment as possible, and shall involve their immediate superior in situations where their own authority and powers are not sufficient.

There is a clear responsibility on all employees to help achieve a good work environment. Each and every member of staff shall demonstrate personal responsibility for health and the environment in their daily work, and shall be attentive in identifying any potential risks or threats against a good work environment and against the external environment. It is also the responsibility of each and every employee to follow the company’s established instructions and procedures regarding the work environment.

Whenever we are faced with changes in or to our business activities, we shall always discuss issues relating to the work environment and the external environment, and we shall examine any potential risks and assess the consequences. We shall do this in cooperation with our employees, in order to be able to prevent negative effects and minimise risks to the greatest extent possible in relation to the work environment and the external environment.

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