Why ansvarsfullt.se?

We lower the threshold and make things easier

Forget everything you might have heard about quality work being complicated, expensive and time-consuming! At ansvarsfullt.se we help your company to become better within the key areas of quality, environment and social responsibility. Our tool facilitates the process and enables you to increase your profitability from day one!

Small businesses need simple tools and methods

Only 0.5% of all companies in Sweden are currently ISO-certified. Does that mean that the other 99.5% of companies aren’t interested in quality, environment and CSR?! Of course not – we know that they are!

A number of reports from industry organisations and public authorities have examined the relationship of small businesses to issues concerning quality, environment and social responsibility, and the results are unanimous: these companies want to work with such issues but lack the appropriate tools to do so, as shown in reports from Tillväxtverket (the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth), Företagarna (the Swedish Federation of Business Owners) and Småföretagarna (the Swedish Association of Small Businesses) – among others.


Making a real difference

At ansvarsfullt.se we make a real difference for small businesses by providing a tool and method that is:


  • Cost-effective

  • Simple – a low threshold

  • Cloud-based and adapted for mobile devices

  • Clear and unambiguous – focused, effective and concrete

  • Inspirational – our tool initiates a development process and creates self-reflection

  • Living and dynamic

  • Current
  • Self-regulating

  • Transparent
  • Connected to the Responsible Company® certification symbol